Introducing the VonBuckinator


An Automatic Bike Chain Cleaner

The VonBuckinator™ cleans and lubricates your bike chain using state-of-the-art technology. The best part is that cyclists can deep clean and hot wax their chains without removing them from the bike!


A Revolutionary Chain Cleaner and Waxer


Riders place their bike into the machine and the chain is captured by the VonBuckinator. The chain is drawn through a series of strategically placed nozzles, spraying an ecofriendly cleaning fluid at high pressure. The fluid is captured, filtered multiple times and recycled again and again, reducing environmental impact. After the chain is cleaned, it is automatically dried and the lubrication is applied. Traditional liquid lubricants can be applied but with the touch of a button the VonBuckinator can heat the chain and apply an actual hard wax lubricant, like our Slippery John’s High Performance Chain Gravy.

This patent pending process is unique and offers the rider the advantage of a cleaned and waxed chain without the hassle of removing the chain and all done quickly in a matter of a few minutes.

The VonBuckinator ensures that cleaning and waxing are done quickly and correctly every time.

Treating Your Chain with the VonBuckinator

Chain cleaning and waxing are often frustrating, messy, and even dangerous, but are required for performance. This process can take hours, even for experienced cyclists.


Why Clean with the VonBuckinator?

  • Achieve a deep clean without removal of the chain
  • Obtain a thoroughly clean chain without the mess
  • Deep clean a chain in a matter of minutes
  • Use an eco-friendly cleaning solution that is filtered and recycled
  • Automatically applies a wet lubricant or revolutionary hot wax


Automatic Chain Waxing with Slippery John’s

The average bike chain has over 400 moving parts and requires regular lubrication to decrease pedaling effort, shift properly and reduce wear. As a chain wears, it becomes longer and will no longer sit correctly in the gears. Riding with a dirty and or worn chain will quickly wear out expensive chain rings and gear clusters.

Bicycle chains are subjected to thousands of pounds of pressure where each pin and bushing meet. Lubricant is quickly pushed out of these tiny areas, resulting in metal working on metal, creating wear. Frequent chain lubrication is required to get lubricant back into these critical areas. Wax based lubricants have the ability to flow back into these areas while riding. As friction increases, the pins and bushings warm up, wax melts and flows. Hot waxing a chain creates a thick coating of wax that acts as a reserve, allowing longer intervals between applications. Unlike with liquid lubricants, a waxed chain does not attract road grit, further reducing wear. To maximize performance, and prevent hundreds of dollars in maintenance, you’ll need the best wax available. Our lubricant, Slippery John’s Chain Gravy, is just as revolutionary as the VonBuckinator. 


Why Treat Your Chain with Slippery John’s?

  • Utilizes a non-paraffin wax that coats the entire chain
  • Doesn’t hold dirt or grit
  • Flows back into the pin and bushing interface when heated
  • Results in less chain wear and reduced wear of the gear cluster and chain ring
  • Uses an eco-friendly formula of all natural waxes and oils
  • Can last up to 300 miles or more

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