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When you’re convinced that the VonBuckinator™ is the next revolution for cyclists, you’ll need to know where you can find it. There are many places you can find the VonBuckinator chain cleaning system. If you show up to one of these events, look for the long line of cyclists waiting to have their chain cleaned and waxed. After your bike is done, you’ll have a pristine chain ready for hundreds of miles.

Upcoming Vonbuckinator Events

The VonBuckinator is currently only touring throughout the Midwest, so you’ll have to be in the area to catch our machine in action. You can find our bike chain cleaning system at many events. If you don’t see an event listed below, check back again from time to time. We’re constantly adding new events as the year goes on and new events are announced.

There are no upcoming events at this time

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If you would like to see a VonBuckinator demonstration event, you can always contact us to request our service. We deliver our revolutionary chain cleaning system to races and events throughout the Midwest. Our event schedule is affected by many factors, but you can always see the VonBuckinator in action on our website and hopefully soon at an event near you. The best way to see if we’ll bring the VonBuckinator to you is by contacting us.

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