Automatic Bike Chain Cleaning, Waxing, & Lubricating System That Will Deep Clean a Chain
Without Removal

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The VonBuckinator Revolution

Have you ever cleaned your bike chain? First comes removal, followed by hours of painstaking work cleaning between the plates, pins, and bushings. Once you’re nice and frustrated, you’ll spend even more time waxing the entire chain and getting it back on your bike. Not anymore. The VonBuckinator™ automatic bike chain cleaner and waxer completes the work for you in a fraction of the time.

A New Kind of Bike Chain Cleaner & Waxer


The VonBuckinator is the first automatic bike chain cleaner and waxer. Cyclists of all varieties simply place their bike in the machine, and in as little as three minutes, receive a bike that’s ready for the toughest terrain and hundreds of miles. A series of strategically placed nozzles blast grit from hard-to-reach areas of the chain while also cleaning the exterior. After your chain is squeaky clean, it’s dried with compressed air and treated with our proprietary lubricant. The solution used to clean your chain is captured, filtered, and recycled, reducing the amount of waste, and providing a greener outcome for cyclists.

Cleaning a bike chain has never been easier or faster. Our machine provides easy chain cleaning for bike shops, cycling events, and racing teams. The manual process is dirty, difficult, and time-consuming–even for the experienced rider or shop. A smarter approach that doesn’t require you to remove the chain means that you can wax and clean several in the time it takes to do one by hand.

Slippery John’s:

A Smarter Brand of Wax


The engineering of the VonBuckinator opened many questions about common problems for riders everywhere. Cyclists in every environment need the right type of chain lubricant. Waxing a chain can mean a maintenance difference of hundreds of miles. But the wax has to be good, and the application needs to be even better.

Slippery John’s Chain Gravy is a non-paraffin wax that outperforms petroleum-based waxes by almost three times. Our wax compound is plant-based and contains no PFAs, providing an eco-friendly result that cyclists will love. You might remember that we said the application process must be perfect. With the VonBuckinator functioning as a bike chain waxer, you can be certain that the application of our lubricant will be perfect every time. Slippery John’s Chain Gravy is the solution cyclists have been searching for. Our lubricant offers biking enthusiasts a process that lasts for over 300 miles, outperforms paraffin wax, and does so while protecting the bike trails that we know and love.

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